About The Los Dawsons

We were originally an intrepid acoustic quartet from in and around Greenwich, we are now vocals, 2 guitars, electric Bass, Drums and occasional harmonica. We perform as close to acoustically as possible in small venues or amplified in larger ones, we have headlined large festivals but we are just as happy playing in your dining room and have done so on more than one occasion. We play music that encompasses 75 years of popular music; jazz, blues, swing, country, rockabilly, rocknroll, latin, soul, Rhythm and Blues, pops, standards, folk, punk, brit pop and even some originals too... so Rent Parties Bar Mitzvahs or any other suitable occasion is our pleasure or hopefully yours! A snapshot of our latest tracks are featured in the Flash player here, they were recorded live with no overdubs – so this is what we sound like live...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Los Dawsons Break Records

Phew! The weekend of the 25-26th July was a busy one for us. A private function on the Saturday night for the quartet yielded our biggest income for the year. Hurrah! We can now afford new strings (well, not sure about double bass strings). Special thanks to Sue & Peter Boyles for putting on a great party. Clearly that’s all you need for a good evening: people, beer, garden and the Los Dawsons!

Some of us — we’re not saying who but he plays the nylon string guitar — were rather ragged around the edges come Sunday evening’s regular slot at Cattleya’s in Charlton. We turned up to find the place full and by the time we’d started playing it was standing room only (we broke the house record again) and unfortunately some people had to be turned away. Special thanks to Candy and Helen for helping out behind the bar to make sure those who could get in got a drink. As any of our regulars know it can get very, very busy so we always advise that you book a table in advance. Just call 0207 642 1014. Our next gig there is on 23rd August, 8pm start.

We were joined by the ever-youthful Dennis Greaves from Nine Below Zero who sat in for rollicking renditions of Let’s Stick Together and the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ She’s Tuff freeing up Mike to blow harp. The ‘Zeros have just put the finishing touches to their new album ‘It’s Never Too Late’. We’ve heard the finished tracks and suggest that you all rush out a buy a copy immediately. Their best album for years? We think so! More info www.ninebelowzero.com
So, apologies again for the over-packed Sunday at Cattelya’s, don’t forget book early for the next one. See you on the 23rd August!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We've had a quietish month so far

Dave was away so we had a bit of a break; now we're ready to go - we have a party on Saturday night as the quartet, and at Cattleyas on this Sunday (26th July) as the trio, and if eveything is even we should have a good bunch of people down, I am hopeful....

We think we want to add some newer material to the repetoire and are even starting to consider adding some original material - Crikey, watch this space.... Currently we have potentially four varied sets (over 50 songs) circa 4 hours of music so to add some more material should be fun - trying to memorise all the lyrics can be a challenge, thank goodness I dont have to sing Dylan or some of the more wordy Springsteen songs..

Though as one of our (as usual) perceptive punters remarked - we play covers material in such an unusual manner that we shouldnt necessarily worry too much about these not being originals... Oh well lets see what happens... its all a journey...