About The Los Dawsons

We were originally an intrepid acoustic quartet from in and around Greenwich, we are now vocals, 2 guitars, electric Bass, Drums and occasional harmonica. We perform as close to acoustically as possible in small venues or amplified in larger ones, we have headlined large festivals but we are just as happy playing in your dining room and have done so on more than one occasion. We play music that encompasses 75 years of popular music; jazz, blues, swing, country, rockabilly, rocknroll, latin, soul, Rhythm and Blues, pops, standards, folk, punk, brit pop and even some originals too... so Rent Parties Bar Mitzvahs or any other suitable occasion is our pleasure or hopefully yours! A snapshot of our latest tracks are featured in the Flash player here, they were recorded live with no overdubs – so this is what we sound like live...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tenterden tentertainment festival and more open air gigs coming up

We headlined the Friday night,and it was a lovely balmy evening... Ben was performing with the James Taylor Quartet in Glasgow so Gus Glen depped for us, he was our first bassist so the repertoire was not an issue, and he rather enjoyed himself if his Facebook posting is anything to go by... We then went back to Tenterden on the Saturday evening blow at th post festival festivities at the Woolpack pub next to the Town Hall which was a fabulous vibe, with everyone dancing their shoes off. The next weekend saw Dana going to Austin to record new material with Cotton Mather, so another old friend from the cabaret days (and Vic Reeves big night out days) came back to sit in on drums Simon "strevi" Strevens had lost none of his verve and flair on the skims and he did a good job... Dana is back tomorrow and we are at the Canal Tavern in Gravesend for a good shindig this Sunday, should be fun! Then over the Olympics we are performing in Greenwich Park and East Greenwich Pleasaunce as well as the fabulous Pelton Arms. Have a gander at the gig list...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dana Is back from South by South West

Jim Kimberley helped us out over the last 3 weeks - thanks Jim. And now Dana is back on sticks/skins etc... Danas old band Cotton Mather from Austin Texas have had their most famous CD Kontiki rereleased and repackaged via a process called kickstart, where a collection of people make donations for a rerelease.. amongst famous supporters of the band is Noel Gallagher.. he liked the band enough to put them on a world tour support with Oasis..

I have a copy of the new pressing and its awesome; Its like a cross between Odelay and Revolver, with bits of Squeeze, World Party, Neil Finn and the Fountains of Wayne added in for good measure.. as Dana plays with us hopefully Cotton Mather may come here to play ?

Other news is that Ben has turned his hand to some asian beat stuff which is doing well with Khiyo http://soundcloud.com/khiyoband/khiyo-amar-shonar-bangla-mp3 and his other outfit the Jezebel Quartet have pleased Craig Charles on his 6Music funk show with their new CD... Phils Icarus Club seems to be going from strength to strength in its new venue so all of the band seem to be doing well...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 for The Los Dawsons

We are currently playing the early part of this year with guest Guitarists, as our original Guitarist Dave Burrluck has been persuaded to stop his working with the LDs due to other commitments, whilst we are saddened we all wish him well.

We have used Dennis Greaves when he is not playing with 9 Below Zero, and we are also using local guitar luminary Phil Dearing (who is also Mikes brother). So we are continuing gigs in the present like up.. come along and see what you think!