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We were originally an intrepid acoustic quartet from in and around Greenwich, we are now vocals, 2 guitars, electric Bass, Drums and occasional harmonica. We perform as close to acoustically as possible in small venues or amplified in larger ones, we have headlined large festivals but we are just as happy playing in your dining room and have done so on more than one occasion. We play music that encompasses 75 years of popular music; jazz, blues, swing, country, rockabilly, rocknroll, latin, soul, Rhythm and Blues, pops, standards, folk, punk, brit pop and even some originals too... so Rent Parties Bar Mitzvahs or any other suitable occasion is our pleasure or hopefully yours! A snapshot of our latest tracks are featured in the Flash player here, they were recorded live with no overdubs – so this is what we sound like live...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Working Hard Sunday 18th May with Glenn Tibrook, Dennis Greaves and Mark Feltham

We thought it would be a quiet night, Chris delivered his amp to Cattleyas before picking up the Double Bass he said it was empty, as there were only a couple in with their kid… So we were all prepared to play a set of new numbers which is always a slightly avant garde experience as we tend to break a lot of new numbers in when there are fewer people in case of glitsches (which we’re good at… Los Dawsons by name Les Dawson by nature).

However a group of recognisably pro musicians turned-up as we were getting ready to play; they were clocking the gear which is always a bad sign… Thankfully a double bass adds to the equation, so we are not going to be playing Sultans of Swing (ah then yet again perhaps we should). I could swear I knew the young lady in the party (a bassist I think) and the chap in the corner was Christopher Holland, and our Chris knew another fellow who was a producer etc and then Glenn Tilbrook arrived so they were indeed his rather capable band.

ah……… the guitarist of his generation, a fine singer, songwriter extraordinaire and damn hes just about the finest acoustic guitarist in London, and suddenly I’ve got to play a solo – my fingers suddenly become leaden and my voice out of key… We know Glenn as hes sat in a few times over the years and we are always a little nervous cos hes just that bit too good… he didn’t disappoint here either… like a greyhound out of the traps; three songs that brought the house down. Follow that if we can ….

Just as Glenn is disappearing with his band the Fluffers and the production chaps (apparently they’re in the Studio recording) Dennis Greaves and Mark Feltham turn up – two more world class musicians – Thankfully I am less nervous with these guys as I’ve played with them a few times and I know what and how they do their stuff. Though we still have to make certain that I don’t stuff it up as they don’t make mistakes.. and we are busking…. we then spent the rest of the evening working our socks off to make certain we backed these two most excellent guests…. An enthralling but tiring performance- an exacting standard was set. Dennis plays guitar with a drive and enthusiasm that is infectious and when coupled with Marks virtuoso Harmonica playing the audience were on the edge of their seats.

Dennis’ son Sonny played Djembe on a few numbers, and we thought for a young lad he did well, good timekeeping and telegraphed well!

Thanks gentlemen it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to make music with you, Both Chris and Dave played beautifully all night - a good one

see the link above about the mad night.....


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Gosh ! I feel quite excited and out of breath after reading that. Sounds like a great evening.